About Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences (UPWr) is one of the best-specialised Universities in Poland. The UPWr is the only centre for research of the environment, agribusiness, and innovative technologies in the agri-food sector oriented towards health and the quality of life in the Lower Silesian region (population of 3 mln). The profile of the UPWr and its mission are directly involved in transformation programs dealing with rural development as well as food quality and management (animal health and welfare, animal and plant products technology, biotechnology, microbiology, food quality and safety, sensory analysis, nutrition, food chemistry) with full respect paid to social support and interaction.

The UPWr team, working under the LivestockSense project, will focus on understanding the reasons for the limited use of ICT tools in pigs and poultry production and exploring farmers’ attitudes towards Precision Livestock Farming systems (PLF), which will help to understand farmers’ expectations for these solutions. Most importantly, the UPWr team will support farmers to adapt the PLF through a workshop, mentoring and a web-based application.

Principal Investigator

Sebastian Opaliński

Associate Professor

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