About Institute of Agricultural Economics Nonprofit Kft.

The Institute of Agricultural Economics Nonprofit Kft. (AKI), as the main research and knowledge center of agricultural economics in Hungary, plays a key role in the dissemination of information between the governmental institutions and the market stakeholders. Its principal tasks are data and information management, and based on this, carrying out policy analysis-driven and practice-oriented research on farming, the agri-food supply chain, environmental management and rural development. Taking sustainable development goals into account, AKI assists the fine tuning of national policy regulation systems in relation to sustainable, low emission and cost-effective operation of livestock farms.
In the frame of LivestockSense project, the institute’s researchers will explore the acceptance and applicability of ICT tools in commercial piggeries to increase their openness towards these technologies and stimulate data driven holistic approach during their decision-making processes. AKI’s main tasks in the project will be in 1) designing and carrying out social research, based on mixed social science methods, to identify the limitations of PLF technology use; 2) setting up a project portal, which, besides disseminating project-related information, will offer a web-based application and API to demonstrate the environmental performance of individual livestock farms and to support green financing effort.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Ildikó Tikász

Head of Department

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