About Galilee Research Institute

The Galilee Research Institute (“MIGAL”) is an interdisciplinary applied research organization whose mission is to advance discoveries from basic research into start-up companies and thereby serve as an economic generator of regional and national significance.

The R&D ecosystem of MIGAL supports strong collaborations and encourages interactions between academia and industry, leveraging public and private sector resources to foster ties and encourage commercial growth. MIGAL combine strong academic research with extensive practical experience in providing a valuable bridge that connects researchers and early-stage projects with investors and partnerships, as well as SMEs.

Research in MIGAL encompasses a wide range of disciplines including biotechnology, chemistry, microbiology, immunotherapy, drug discovery, clinical nutrition, computer sciences, agriculture and environmental sciences. Our research groups often work together and implement new and innovative approaches that produce sustainable solutions to important challenges, especially in agriculture and the water sector. Having 10 Experimental farms where experiments in agriculture and Precision Agriculture are done, around 50% of the MIGAL staff is involved in agriculture. MIGAL is internationally recognized as a hub of biotechnology and agro-innovation. MIGAL forms the basis for a number of agro-innovation and BioMed projects, some are marketed products or implemented projects in agriculture and the water sector.

Principal Investigator

Prof. Uri Marchaim

Head of Department

National funding organisations


This project is funded by the Israeli Innovation Authority.